Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mid November update

A quick update today. One quick shot of cool air and it's back to being hot for this time of year. At least it is not too hot to grow and things are coming along.

The peppers haven't done too much yet. A few Fooled You Jalapenos and finally a California Wonder Pepper is fruiting. With the wind being pretty strong lately the peppers have taken the brunt of it and they have been beat up.

The Yellow Granex onions are growing a little quicker it seems. I have a problem with mole crickets in the beds sometimes and they have eaten a few of the onions which is aggravating. Once it cools down a bit they seem to go away. I might try some parasitic nematodes which would take care of them, too,

Next the Roma Tomatoes are blooming like crazy. I have found a few fruit forming in the thick foliage which is encouraging. The last couple times I grew them they didn't come out well.

The next bed has the Cabbage, Toy Choy, and Red Butterhead Lettuce. We have picked some of the choy for stir fry and the rest is about ready.

Next comes the Black Beauty Eggplant. I pulled up the green beans which were finished and planted more broccoli in their place. I finally got to harvest some eggplant and will be cooking it up today.

My tomatoes are large and getting full of fruit. They won't be ripe for about another month though. At least I haven't found any caterpillars on them yet.

Here is the next crop of green beans. They are the same variety as was in the eggplant bed which did real well.

Next we have the beets, carrots, radishes, and zucchini. I have thinned the beets once and harvested most of the radishes today.


The first crop of cucumbers is still puttering along but about finished. The next crop is flowering and setting some fruit. With the cooler weather the leaves are starting to get mold and mildew on them. Also they are still infested with aphids but the lady bugs are there too so I don't want to spray anything for the aphids.

Next my Pack Man Broccoli is about ready to pick. It heads up pretty quick once it is transplanted in the beds.

Here we have everglades Tomatoes which pretty much grow wild and where they feel like growing. These started right around the compost pile and are taking over that area.

Finally my next crop of Beefsteak Tomatoes are going to need cages pretty soon so they don't fall over.

All in all things are doing fine. Once my business slows down more I will have time to get a lot more seeds started and more winter crops put out. That's it for now.